Client Testimonies

"In my experience, Mark Lambert is a very skilful and sensitive remedial masseur. I have the good fortune to have received massages from Mark regularly since 2005 and can say that he is capable of providing light or deep tissue massage as the need presents.

I have also worked as a colleague with Mark from 2005 to 2009 and can add that he was reliable, responsive to a wide variety of client's needs and well appreciated.

It is my pleasure to be able to recommend Mark's services to people seeking professional and caring remedial massage."

- Dr Ian Gawler, BVSc, MCounsHS

"Mark Lambert is a skilled massage therapist with many years of clinical experience.

I have personally seen Mark on a number of occasions for massage therapy to address musculoskeletal problems, neck tension, back ache and for relaxation, and found him to be extraordinary. I have found his technique to be unique and have noticed the benefits virtually immediately after therapy.

Mark ensures that I am always feeling comfortable and safe in a warm environment with soft lighting and relaxing music. This is important as it allows the mind, body and muscles to relax during therapy which enhances the healing process.

I highly recommend Mark and have absolutely no reservation in wholeheartedly endorsing Mark's services as a massage therapist for relaxation, wellbeing and musculoskeletal ailments.

As a general practitioner, I have often referred patients to Mark.

- Dr. Vicki Kotsirilos, General Practitioner

"There are masseurs, there are healers and then there are those rare people who are both. Mark is one of these - and the best. He intuits what my body needs and every massage is different and divine. I recommend him highly" - Hailey Cavill, Warburton

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